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Requirements for construction of grade a fireproof insulation board


It is a useful method and guarantee for engineering quality to strictly comply with the construction requirements of Class A fire-proof insulation board. It requires the construction personnel to record the construction status in written form every day, report the Cining Palace to the superiors, timely understand the progress of the project, and timely respond to the problems occurring. The basic requirements are as follows:


1. the construction temperature of external wall insulation should not be below 5 C, and it is not suitable for construction under strong light. Stop work in strong wind or rainy days.


2. Before construction, it is necessary to ensure that the smoothness of the external wall works satisfies the requirements of relevant regulations, and it is concluded that the external door and window devices can be constructed only after they are finished and qualified.


3. Before installing Class A fire-proof insulation board, check the hole size, whether the location meets the planning and quality requirements, and whether the door, window frame or accessory frame is finished.


4. all the construction processes need to make a sample wall first, and the detailed scale is determined according to the actual situation. All model walls need to be inspected by the company's engineering department and supervision before they can be constructed in large area.



5. the construction of grade a fire insulation board has certain requirements for environmental temperature.


When the equipment is installed, the data requirement reaches the room temperature specification and can maintain a stable temperature. Generally, the working environment temperature should not be lower than 5 C.


Strong wind. Rainy weather advocate not to work, and do a good job in the corresponding way.


In winter construction, we should make corresponding anti freezing measures.


6. The impact resistance grade of the system should reach grade III when the reinforced mesh cloth is used in the wall of 2.4 meters above the foot.


7. Sprinkle water in time after the final condensation of the maintenance layer. The average day and night temperature should not be less than 48 hours when it is higher than 15 degrees C and 72 hours when it is lower than 15 degrees C.


8. The mesh cloth should be overlapped with each other for at least 10 cm to form a connected whole. It is not allowed to overlap at the Yin and Yang angles. The overlap joint of the mesh cloth should be at least 20 cm away from the corner of the wall. When additional reinforcement nets need to be laid, the reinforcement nets should be laid first, and the standard nets should be covered over the reinforcement nets. The first layer of polymer mortar should cover up the whole system including plastic molding decoration.


9. Outer walls of high-rise buildings generally need to install drainage pipes. It is necessary to install rainwater pipe clips, embedded iron parts, equipment through wall pipes, etc. on the outside wall in advance and then install them.


10. The thickness of the insulation board should be reserved for the connection between the door and window frame and the wall, and the cracks should be filled closely in layers. The Extrusion board around the door and window opening should be cut and formed by the whole Extrusion board and spread to the outer edge of the door and window frame without splicing. The distance between the four corners of the joint should be greater than 200 mm. Together, a 45 degree oblique gauge mesh cloth with a length of 300 mm and a width of 200 mm should be affixed at the corner of the hole to maintain the doors and windows.


11. when a class fireproof insulation board is used for interior decoration, the relative humidity can not be too high. So gypsum, cement or other moist engineering needs to be placed firmly.


12. The beginning and end of the insulation system should be edged and waterproof. Standard mesh edge-wrapping and edge-wrapping can be used for edge-wrapping. Sealing strip or sealing paste can be used for waterproof treatment. It is necessary to treat the perimeter of doors and windows, the end of the pipeline through the wall, the end of the hole, the pin, the awning, the different structures between the base walls and the combination of different data. Do well wrapping and waterproof treatment.


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